The main purpose of B2B communications is to sense the pulse of the sector and convey one’s areas of expertise. It is particularly important to convey complex issues in a simple and understandable manner. B2B products do not involve everyday themes, since they are neither consumed nor used by the majority of people. Hence, specialized terms have to be “translated” for the readers, to ensure that the target group comprehends the advantages of the product. Providers of B2B products are often hidden champions, like family-owned enterprises or medium-sized companies. Some of them may hold big market shares, but their presence in the media or their general awareness is limited.

We enhance our extensive experience in diverse sectors with significant creativity to derive new approaches all the time, and thereby manage B2B issues constructively and accurately.

Our primary services encompass:

Media relations

• Position clients in the relevant specialist media
• Prepare high-grade content for editors
• Arrange interviews and guest articles


• Conceive, design, and realize studies/surveys
• Provide advice on surveys of employees and/or target client groups
• Spreading findings in the media


• Conceive and compile newsletters, brochures, and company magazines
• Prepare and edit textual material
• Provide advice and project management services


• Plan and realize press conferences and events
• PR activities before and after crucial events
• Manage press contacts at exhibitions
Strategic advisory services
Strategische Beratung
The foundation for all forms of communications, from analysis through to positioning.
Performance and controlling
Umsetzung und Controlling
Clear communications management. Execute strategies, measure results.
Client testimonials
Long-term service. Awards are great, but satisfied clients are better.
International network
Internationales Netzwerk
ECCO International Communications. A network of partners in over 40 countries.