MTU: annual report


An annual report is one of the crucial instruments for communicating financial information and is the company’s “business card”.

MTU, a long-term client

MTU Aero Engines has been listed on the stock exchange since 2005. Ever since, we have been compiling the annual report for MTU – from the initial idea through to preparation of texts and final completion.

Our client benefits from the close working relationship with our partner agency double com, which handles the graphical elements in the report.


Manager Magazine ranked MTU’s annual report among the best in recent years. In fact, MTU won the top spot for companies on the M-DAX exchange and second overall in 2010.

Link to press release

DAB Bank: “City of best investors”

Initial situation

DAB Bank’s intent was to position itself as an alternative to conventional affiliated banks. Project goal: boost awareness of the bank among private investors, especially those with accounts at conventional affiliated banks.

PR strategy

We came up with the idea of an emotional theme – a contest to find the German city with the best investors. At the same time, this contest awakened a desire among readers to delve further into the idea of investing.


For this “City of best investors” contest, the DAB Bank evaluated 100,000 private portfolios in the 15 largest German cities. It ranked these in terms of two criteria: performance and favorite investment products (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.).
We prepared an individual press release for each of the ten best-ranked cities, along with ten distribution lists for the regional media.

Sample headlines from the regional press releases:


Strategic advisory services
Strategische Beratung
The foundation for all forms of communications, from analysis through to positioning.
Performance and controlling
Umsetzung und Controlling
Clear communications management. Execute strategies, measure results.
Client testimonials
Long-term service. Awards are great, but satisfied clients are better.
International network
Internationales Netzwerk
ECCO International Communications. A network of partners in over 40 countries.