Organise a press conference in Dubai, kick-off a campaign in Mumbai, or support an exhibition in Shanghai – all this is no problem at all with the international partners of relatio PR.

relatio PR is active on the international front, in collaboration with owner-operated agencies of the ECCO network located in over 40 countries.

Active on all continents

The ECCO International Communications Network is present in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This independent network of PR agencies is distinguished by its cultural diversity, mutual support, and a passion for clients. Common projects and regular exchanges of experience assure a uniform standard of quality across all borders and continents.

You, the client, still liaise only with your direct contact in Germany, who manages the interaction with the required network agencies. With the backing of ECCO, we at relatio PR are able to serve our clients almost anywhere in the world.

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ecco Netzwerk

Strategic advisory services
Strategische Beratung
The foundation for all forms of communications, from analysis through to positioning.
Performance and controlling
Umsetzung und Controlling
Clear communications management. Execute strategies, measure results.
Client testimonials
Long-term service. Awards are great, but satisfied clients are better.
International network
Internationales Netzwerk
ECCO International Communications. A network of partners in over 40 countries.